Poker Strategy for SNG Players

There are a couple of ways you can learn how to play better poker.

One way is to take the lonely road. On this road you’ll learn how to play on your own. You’ll make a ton of mistakes, lose lots of money, and probably will quit in the process.

(The guys on TV are just lucky, after all.)

The second way is to consume poker strategy. You can watch videos. You can read books. You can participate in forum discussions. You can read strategy articles and guides.

Going this way shortens your learning curve. You’re learning how to play the right way from guys that lost all those hands and money when they were learning how to play. They’re saving you a ton of time and resources.

So… which path should you take?

I hope you said the 2nd one. Not only are you more likely to stick around because you’ll see success faster, but you’re obviously the type of person that has their head on straight. You see value in learning from others’ mistakes.

And you’re just the type of person to appreciate a page like this one – a page that links out to several strategy pages that teach you how to play better poker.

Most of the focus here is on SNGs and tournaments because that’s what we excel at. They’re a great game for beginners to learn, too, and offer the best bang for your buck.

You’ll find a list of all our tournament strategy articles below.

SNG & MTT Strategy Articles

Adjusting For Good & Bad Players – Learn the difference between bad and good players. More important – learn how the differences between the two player types affects your strategy towards each.

SNG Bankroll Strategy – You need money to play. But how much do you need? It’s going to depend on several factors, which I explain in this article. I also provide a killer tip to building your bankroll while taking shots at higher stakes – while risking as little of your bankroll as possible.

Transitioning From SNGs to MTTs – Learn what adjustments you should make coming from a SNG background. Without them you’re leaving money on the table.

How to Steal The Blinds – You need to steal the blinds if you want to win SNGs. But how do you do it without risking your stack? I show you 4 different factors you need to think about before you attempt to steal that will increase your chances of success … and your bank account.

Advanced SNG Tricks – You ever wonder what makes the difference between how you play and how pro SNG players play? I’m going to show you what some of those differences are. Using some of these tricks can mean the difference between turning a profit at the upper limits or breaking even and being lucky enough to collect beer money from your rake back.

Blind vs. Blind Battles – Learn how many players approach blind vs. blind situations. Then learn a more profitable way to approach them.

How to Build a Stack in 18-Man SNGs – You should always be trying to build a stack in SNGs. It’s the only way to limit how many all-in flips you need to get involved in. I break down the 4 stages of an 18-man that no one talks about – and how you should approach them to build your stack.

Continuation Betting In SNGs – Continuation betting in SNGs is hard because you have a limited stack. One mistake can end your tournament and affect how much money you can make from these games. I’m going to show you what you need to think about when you c-bet so you can c-bet more often and take down the pot.

How to Play a 90-Man KO – These games are so soft. But most players approach them wrong, thinking only about the bounties and not enough about this one thing. I’m going to tell you what that thing is, why it matters and how you should approach these games instead.

Min-Raising In SNGs – Many guys will laugh at this, but min-raising works. You’ll save money, prevent players from shoving on you and give yourself more chances to steal. Trust me – you need to read this article.