Mobile Poker Apps & Sites

Surely you know – mobile is the new frontier.

  • It’s how we communicate.
  • It’s how we consume information.
  • It’s how we entertain ourselves.

More people are ditching their clunky laptops for their handy phones and tablets every day.

And one day our mobile devices will take over the world (cue evil laugh).

But… who would’ve thought we’d be able to gamble from our phones and tablets? Win thousands of dollars playing slots. Or bluffing Phil Ivey at the virtual tables.

But you can. This page will show you how.

Play Real Money Poker On These Mobile Platforms

Here are the phones, operating systems and platforms you can play poker on. Click the links to learn more about each one.

iPhone and iPad – The most popular platform. You can play holdem, omaha, cash games, SNGs and more. You can even play for your piece of $6+ million every month. This page will show you how.

Android – You’ll have no shortage of poker games, casino games and sports betting options. Take your pick between cash games, SNGs and MTTs for stakes as high as $1,050.  Learn how to get started here.

Windows – Of the 3 options this one will be the hardest to find a real money site. This page will explain what few options you do have. Those include poker books, joining forums and playing fake money apps. There are 1-2 real money options too – this page will explain what those are.

Common Mobile Poker FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions we get about playing mobile poker (and our answers).

Can I play for real money?

Yes, you can play poker for real money on your phone and tablet.

Can I have the deposit bonus?

Yes again.

Every site we’ve reviewed has a deposit bonus for Americans. And everyone can have it.

In fact, most sites have a ‘welcome’ bonus and ‘reload’ bonus when you’re done with that. You might even find a site with a VIP program and cash back offers.

You’ll want to read our reviews for more info.

How do you make a deposit?

The same way you would if you were playing from your computer.

Just head to the cashier, choose your preferred option and follow the directions.

Can app store apps be played for real money?

No, they can’t. You can play games for play money only. Some games might have in-store purchases for gifts, more chips or strategy. But you can’t actually win anything.

What can I do if an app isn’t available?

You might see if the site has an instant play option. In fact, many poker sites are turning to instant play software instead of creating native apps.

I’m not sure why, but my guess is that they’re compatible with more platforms. It’s also easier to manage updates for one platform instead of several.

Can you play free money games?

Yes, most sites I’ve come across let you play free money games. Your options may be limited though.

What kinds of games can you play?

All kinds. You can play guaranteed tournaments, step tourneys, sngs, stud, mixed poker and more.

It is possible to win thousands of dollars, even win a seat to a live event, all from your phone or tablet.

How crazy is that?

Other Things You Can Do From Your Phone / Tablet

Not everyone will want or have the option to gamble from their phones or tablets.

Here are some things you can do instead:

Play Casino Games – Most poker sites nowadays have attached casinos. They added these to diversify their selection, especially after Black Friday which reduced the number of American online poker players.

What casino games can you play? Everything you can find in a brick and mortar casinos – progressive jackpots, slots, blackjack, craps, roulette and video poker.

You can use the same account, too.

Bet On Sports – Bet on your favorite team, player, event or sports. You can use your poker/casino account, too.

The neat thing about either of these options is that it opens the door to more deposit bonuses, VIP programs, cash back and other offers.

Read Books – Instead of playing why not use your phone or tablet to get better? You can pick up tons of books from Amazon using their Kindle app. Most books will run you $10 or less – you can’t beat the price for the education you’ll get.

Join Forums – Grab the Tapatalk app and join the 2+2, PartTimePoker or Pocket 5’s forums. You can talk strategy, meet other players or share bad beat stories.

The bottom line is that you have no excuse not using your phone to gamble online or get your regular poker fix.