Poker Reviews for American Players

NEWSFLASH: There are 100s of poker sites out there. Maybe thousands.

But the sad truth is that most aren’t worth dirt. Most offer nothing unique. Others exist solely to rip you off.

If you’ve been around the block like we have that’s not news to you.

But can you tell which is which? Can you tell the bad sites from the good ones?

You can’t, and that’s okay. That’s why you’re here.

We’ve already done the research for you. We check out each site to see what they have to offer and if they’re safe for players to join.

This page is the culmination of our hard work. Below you’ll find a list of the top US poker sites for 2022. Read on for a summary of each site, or click on the links to get the in-depth scoop.

US Poker Sites To Check Out In 2022

Which sites should Americans check out this year?

Here are our favorites:

Carbon Poker

Best Thing – Their overall game selection. You can play every game you want and they’re the only site with the traffic to back it up.

Worst Thing – They have stopped accepting players from several states due to individual state laws.

Who should sign up? Everyone. Check them out if you want to play from your browser, a download or mobile device. Sign up if you want to play holdem, omaha, stud, mixed games or massive guaranteed tournaments. Sign up if you want a MASSIVE $5,000 deposit bonus.

Seriously – just go check them out.

BetOnline Poker

Best Thing – They have lots of low limit games which are great for bankroll building.

Worst Thing – Their software sucks. It’s outdated.

Who should sign up? Players on a budget that don’t need flashy graphics or hundred thousand dollar prize pools.

Juicy Stakes Poker

Best Thing – They run lots of tournaments.

Worst Thing – At one time they shared a network with rogue site, Lock Poker. This looks like it’s affected the traffic for the entire network (for the worse). Juicy Stakes looks like a throwaway site – like the network doesn’t care. They definitely don’t put the same amount of effort in as Cake Poker does.

Who should sign up? Someone that’s looking for a change of pace, deposit bonus or softer games.


Best Thing – They have other gambling options like sports betting, casino and live dealer games.

Worst Thing – Their poker room isn’t the focus – and it shows.

Who should sign up? Someone that likes the full brick and mortar experience.

Sportsbook Poker

Best Thing – They’re just like Carbon Poker. That means instant play games, $6+ million in guaranteed tourneys and lots of game types to choose from.

Worst Thing – Everything is the same but the deposit bonus. Sportsbook’s is smaller.

Who should sign up? – Anyone with a Carbon Poker account that wants a new deposit bonus to clear.

How to Avoid Dodgy Rooms In 2022

Your biggest challenge in 2014 is to avoid scammy rooms.

You might think this is hard to do since they outnumber the good rooms 10-1 (at least).

But I say there’s no excuse – especially after reading my tips below.

1) Join poker forums.

You want to see what players are complaining about. Are players having issues with a particular room? Are they bitching about the support? Are their withdrawals getting delayed? Are they being cheated?

You can also check poker affiliate forums.

2) Are payments slowing down? This can be a sign of cash flow issues.

If it happens once I wouldn’t worry about it.

But if it happens over and over again, you might have good reason to worry. I would strongly consider withdrawing small portions of your bankroll so that you limit how much you could lose if the poker site goes under.

You might just withdrawal all of it and deposit it somewhere else. This might be a good excuse to play through a new deposit bonus.

3) Are checks bouncing?

This should be obvious.

4) Is the site changing their terms on the fly?

A rogue room will tweak the terms to best fit their interests.

That could mean changing the rollover requirements or accusing you of not meeting them prior to withdrawing. They might even say you played the wrong game.

A legit room would give you the benefit of the doubt. A scammy room will do anything that can to weasel themselves out of paying you.

5) How are they treating affiliates?

This isn’t your problem. I know that.

But affiliates are often the first to get burned. The problems run downhill from there.

So check out the affiliate forums to see how affiliates are being treated, if their terms are changing and if they’re getting paid.

If not, you can get out while you can and smile knowing you knew long in advance a storm was coming.