Sportsbetting Poker Review

Do you have an account at Sportsbook, and are thinking about joining

Well… if you do… then don’t be surprised if they cause you to a double take.


Because Sportsbook owns them.

So you’ll notice that their software, games and most of their promotions are identical.

That’s not such a bad thing, though (unless you’re looking for variety). There are no surprises – you know how the software works and the softest games to play.

And you get to take advantage of all their promotions. More FREE money for you!

All that said – there’s no reason to read this review. Check them out, or head back to our review hub and find a different site.

But if you don’t have an account at Sportsbook, and you don’t know anything about either site, then you’ll want to stick around.

The following will let you know what to expect.

Betsson Poker - $500 Poker Room Casinos Bonus

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Quick Poker Room Overview

  • Accepts US Credit Card Deposit with Visa
  • Betsson Poker - $500 Poker room Casino Bonuses
  • Accepts US Credit Card Deposit with Visa
  • Betsson Poker - $500 Poker room Casino Bonuses
  • Accepts US Credit Card Deposit with Visa

Deposit $1 And Get $2 FREE

The first thing I want to tell you about is Sportsbetting’s deposit bonus.

Right now they’re offering to match your deposit 200%. All you have to do is create an account and make your first deposit.

What this means for you is for every $1 you deposit, Sportsbetting will give you an extra $2 back on top of that.

The most you can deposit (for this offer) is $1,000, which will give you a $3,000 bankroll total.

There are two things you should know, though.

The first thing – to get this offer you’ll need to email before you make your deposit.

The second thing – you’ll need to play real money games and earn points to receive your bonus money. You’ll want to do that before you cash out (otherwise you’ll void your winnings).

Here’s how it works:

The bonus will be released in five stages.

==> Stage 1 will release 10% of the 200%. You’ll need to rake the equivalent to 30.3% of the deposit amount.

==> Stage 2 will release 20% of the 200% bonus. You’ll need to rake the equivalent of 99.27% of the deposit amount.

==> Stage 3 will release 40% of the 200% bonus. You’ll need to rake the equivalent of 220.4% of the deposit amount.

==> Stage 4 will release 60% of the 200% bonus. You’ll need to rake the equivalent of 402.3% of the deposit amount.

==> Stage 5 will release 70% of the 200% bonus. You’ll need to rake the equivalent of 652.3% of the deposit amount.

You’ll have 120 days to complete this bonus.

Want More Money? Then Try One Of These…

Sportsbetting also has these deals running:

4 of a Kind’s Challenge – Check your dashboard regularly because when Sportsbetting randomly displays ‘4 of a kinds’ – this means that when you hit a four of a kind you can get $40 instantly.

$250,000 Monthly Prize Pools – Sportsbetting guarantees more than $250,000 every month. What I like is the variety – there are guarantees and buy-ins for all players, no matter your budget.

Hit & Run Freerolls – These are interesting. You don’t have to pay to play, but they do offer re-buys and add-ons for a nominal fee. Kind of like freerolls, but with a twist.

What Games Can You Play?

You have a limit selection here.

Your options include Texas Holdem and Omaha.

You can play cash games for stakes starting at .01/.02 and peaking at 5/10.

Tournaments will peak at $500. You can play variations like turbo, hyper turbo, steps, satellites and knockouts.

What will really catch your attention are the low buy-in tourneys.

For example, you can buy into a $150 guarantee for $1.50. There’s another option for a $50 guarantee with a $.50 buy-in and re-buys.

How soft do you think those games will be?

Stupid question, right?

And there are tons of these games running – it’s crazy.

They also have a .10 winner-takes-all event. You can bet this will be stupid-soft because all the dumb players will go all in to try to build a stack fast. These can have small fields too – the last one I saw had less than 20 players.

They have larger tournaments too, if you’re into that sort of thing. For example, you can play in their $10k GTD ($22), $1k GTD ($10) or $3k GTD w/R+A ($6).

There’s a bit of everything here – so it doesn’t matter your interest or budget – you’re sure to find something you like to play.

And if not – you can always hop into their casino or sportsbook and gamble there.

Banking and Support

Are you ready to get started?

Sounds good – you can make your deposit using person-to-person transfers, bank wires, checks, money orders and credit cards. The minimum is $25.

To cash out you can request a check or bank wire. The fees will run you $25 to $185 per transaction.

If you run into any issues or have any questions you can get a hold of them at or call them at 1-888-843-9027.

Summary and Rating

They’re damn-near identical to Sportsbook – so we rate them the same: B.

Check them out – they’re a decent site for low stakes, budget-minded players.