Bank Transfer Poker Sites

Makin’ Bank Transfers Sexy (aka How to Use Them to Play Poker Online)

Let’s face it—

There are sexier bank methods than bank wires.

You can use credit cards, for example. They offer both low/high daily spends, instant processing and no fees in 99.9% of cases.

But sometimes credit cards aren’t an option. So we need to find a way to make bank transfers sexier.

That’s not all that hard to do – just use them to play poker online.

The option is old as dirt. It’s not nearly as fast or convenient as credit cards.

But using it to play poker gives it a classic, James Bond feel to it. You feel cool.

Or rather, you should. You can deposit large sums of money with bank wires – as much as $10-$20,000, and sometimes more.

And is there anything cooler than saying (or thinking), I’ll wire it to you?

No, there’s not.

So let’s look at how you make a bank transfer. Following that I’ll show you what kinds of cool things you can do when you transfer large sums of money to play online poker.

How to Make a Bank Transfer

Sending a bank transfer or wire is a simple process. Here are the things you’ll need:

  • The bank name and address.
  • The bank’s BIC (Bank Identifier Code).
  • The bank account number or IBAN (International Bank Account Number).
  • The account holder name.

Just let the poker site know you plan to make a deposit with a bank wire. They’ll give you what you need.

The next step – take the info to your bank. (You might be able to do this online.) Give them your money, the poker site’s details and pay the fees (if there are any).

That’s it – you’re done.

From here it’s just a matter of waiting. It can take anywhere from 1-5 days for the funds to hit your account.

My suggestion – if you know you want to play on a certain day, make your deposit in advance. For example, if you want to play on Saturday the latest you should submit a wire transfer is Monday, and the Friday before (a week in advance) would be even safer.

Most banks I know of won’t charge you any fees for deposits.

They will for withdrawals, though. That’s right – you can use bank wires to cash out your winnings. It should take 2-5 days to hit your bank account, and most banks charge $25-$50 per wire.

The time frame and price alone makes bank wires a well-balanced option.

High Risk, High Reward Opportunities

Since bank wires let you transfer a ton of money in one go, I thought this would be a fun opportunity to look at the games and promotions this allows you to participate in that the “little guys” can’t.

(You can also read our reviews – we cover all kinds of neat stuff.)

Guaranteed Tournaments – You have lots of options here. You can play for $250,000 of monthly prize pools at BetOnline, or compete for your sliver of the $6 million dollar pie at Carbon Poker.

With such a large deposit you can casually enter Carbon Poker’s $530 Super High Roller or their $125k Big Ticket. Both of these run on Sunday.

You could satellite your way in, of course, for as little as $1. But who has time for that?

The Cage – This is an interesting concept from Americas Cardroom (or any Winning Poker Network partner).

What’s so neat about it is it combines two elements, cash games and tournaments, together.

The Cage works like this—

You buy in for $5,000 and receive 5,000 in chips (like a cash game). Then you play for a total of 3 hours with blinds increasing every 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Once the time is up whoever is left with money will get to keep what’s in front of them.

This is a unique idea that I predict will take off fast like fast fold poker did several years ago.

Deposit Bonuses – Another benefit to making large deposits is being able to take full advantage of deposits bonuses.

Carbon Poker has a large bonus now – a 200% match up to $5,000. Deposit $2,500 and end up with double the bankroll.

Taking advantage of these larger offers will also snowball into other promos like VIP rewards. The more points you earn (with your free money, no less) the more cash back and prizes you can get.

Step Tournaments – Sure, you can start at the bottom and grind your way up.

But… why?

Instead, just buy in directly to the later stages so you increase your chances of winning a seat to whatever event is running at the time. These games are usually softer than normal satellites with all the players grinding up from the bottom. So make the most of it.

So there you have it – some high end ways to make the most of a large bank wire.

Now there’s no way you can deny its sexiness.

So go check out our review page to find the top bank wire poker sites – NOW!