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Want to play poker from your iPhone or iPad?

I have good news for you then. You can.

Most sites nowadays are adding native apps or instant play software. My guess is that most sites will lean towards instant play software in the future since most browsers will or already support it. It’s got to be easier to update software that way versus updating individual (native) apps.

So you’re not going to have any problems finding real money games. In fact, your options should only continue to get better as time goes on.

But do YOU know where to get started? What rooms to join? If you can still get a deposit bonus or not?

We thought we’d write up a short FAQ-style page answering those types of questions. But before we get to that we want to tell you about the best mobile site for Apple users.

Then we’ll get to the important things you need to know before you use the iOS OS for playing poker online.

The Award For Best iOS Poker Site Goes To….


Carbon Poker, hands down. And if you read any other pages on this site that answer wouldn’t shock you.

Carbon Poker is the most robust and legit site for Americans. They’re one of the few options that have mobile games for iOS and Android. And they have a large selection of games to boot.

What can you play? Here’s just a small sample:

  • Guaranteed Tournaments – These range in size from a couple hundred bucks to tens of thousands. They guarantee more than $6 million every month, and significantly more when they run their tournament series.
  • Cash Games – Play heads up to 10-handed in holdem or omaha. Stakes run from .01/.02 to 5/10 depending on the game variation and type.
  • SNGs – Play single table SNGs from heads up to 10-handed (no multi-table SNGs here). Buy-ins peak at $109 for full table and more than 1-grand for heads-up action.

And when you sign up you can take advantage of their deposit bonus. Right now they’re offering a 200% match bonus up to $5,000. That means for every $1 you deposit you get $2 back. You’ll basically triple your bankroll.

They’re easily the top mobile site for Americans. I recommend reading our review for more details.

iOS Real Money Poker FAQs

Alright, here are some of the most common questions we receive about playing poker on your iPhone or iPad.

If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, feel free to shoot us an email.

Can you still have the deposit bonus?

Yes. In fact, some rooms offer mobile exclusive bonuses. This used to more prevalent when mobile poker was brand-spanking new. Sometimes they’d even let you have the regular offer on top of it.

Now, not so much. I mean, they don’t do mobile-exclusive bonuses. Most sites offer a standard ‘deposit’ or ‘welcome’ bonus.

How do you get started?

For rooms that have a native app you can just visit their mobile section or head to the site from your device. They’ll automatically take you to the app or QR code you can scan for the app.

In the case of Carbon Poker, all you have to do head there from your phone and they’ll take you to their mobile platform. If you don’t already have an account you’ll have to create one. Then just log in and play.

Is it legal?

That depends on where you live. There are about 10 states that have a firm anti-gambling stance. And more and more offshore sites are complying with those laws.

The best thing to do is check out our legal section and/or do a Google search for [your state poker laws].

Can you gamble for real money on apps from the Apple App Store?

No, all those games are free money only -- for entertainment purposes.

Can I play multi-table?

That depends on the poker site.

For example, at PokerStars (non-US) you can. If I remember right you can play up to 4 tables.

Carbon Poker, though, doesn’t allow that yet. You’re limited to 1 table.

Do the graphics look the same as my PC / Mac?

For the most part, yeah. Everything is just scaled down to fit the smaller screen. Some options or buttons may be different or omitted altogether, like the hand history or emoticon features.

Can I make a deposit from my phone?

Yes, usually, but again that depends on the site.

If you can your options will be the same – you can use credit cards, bank wires, money transfers or cut a check.

If you have any questions about it I suggest reading our reviews or heading to our deposit hub.

Are there any costs?

There shouldn’t be, no. The only out-of-pocket costs you should have is whatever you choose to deposit and play with.

Technically you have data costs, but you can avoid that by playing on Wi-Fi. You might also look into an unlimited data plan.