Mac Poker Sites

Back a couple years ago ‘Mac Poker Sites’ were harder to come by. So pages like this were important so you knew what sites offered a download or compatible alternative.

But now that’s not necessary. These pages are no different than saying the ‘best poker sites for Windows’ because nearly every site out there has a Mac option.

So this page is more or less a formality. Below we will explain:

  • What your options are (you only have 3).
  • The best Mac poker site for Americans (by a large margin).
  • How to find a safe and legit Mac site in 2014 (find a room with these 5 things and you can’t go wrong).

Let’s get started with your options.

You Have 3 Options

Want to play online poker from your Mac? You’re going to have 3 options, and all have their pros and cons.

Download – The most common option. You download the software to your computer. You’ll have access to all the games, and everything else should be identical to the Window’s version. The downside – it takes up resources on your computer.

Browser Software – You play poker from your browser. Few poker sites have this option, and up until recently there were no options for US players.

Until now.

Carbon Poker recently launched their browser software. You can play cash games, sngs and MTTs. They have a pretty good selection.

And you can play from wherever you can access the internet.

The biggest downside is that browser poker sites have smaller selections. For example, in Carbon’s download you can play everything – holdem, omaha, stud, razz, you name it.

But in your browser you can only choose from holdem and omaha.

Is it worth the tradeoff? Only you can decide that.

Emulator – This option is becoming outdated. You install a program like Parallels so that you can run Window’s based programs on your Mac. This would allow you to download the poker sites’ software.

So which option should you go with? Which one will be available to you?

The best option will be the download. Recreational players can probably get away with the browser.

And you’ll know what’s available to you when you hit the poker room’s website. They’ll tell you on the homepage or their download page how you can play their games, and what computer specs are needed.

Best Mac Poker Site For Americans

The top option is Carbon Poker.


Because they have a download and instant play option. You can also play from your iPhone.

But there’s more than that.

They also have the widest selection of cash games, SNGs and MTTs in the American market. Between that, their millions in guaranteed tournaments, $5,000 deposit bonus and Sunday schedule, they’re the complete package.

Oh – and did I mention that they have a sportsbook and casino too?

What To Expect From Mac Sites In 2022

Since software compatibility shouldn’t be an issue anymore, what should you look for in a poker site? What should you expect from them?

Better Software – There’s no need for software that looks like it’s from 1998. You should join a site that has solid graphics, plenty of in-game options (emoticons, run it twice show one card), backgrounds, etc. On top of that the software should work flawlessly – it shouldn’t be like playing a game on MS-DOS.

More Options – By this I mean options outside of poker – like sports betting and casino games. Most rooms (like Carbon) that offer this let you use the same account for all sections. On top of that you can take advantage of the promotions in each section.

Mobile Games – Need to take a trip? Then switch out your Mac for your iPhone. Although the game selection is limited, the graphics and functionality are great and depending on what room you join you can still play cash games, SNGs and MTTs.

Unique Game Variations – This can include things like fast fold poker, step tournaments, jackpot SNGs, The Cage (the Winning Poker Network’s cash game/MTT hybrid) and more. This keeps rooms interesting and fresh.

Larger Guaranteed MTTs – More US poker sites are adding larger guaranteed prize pools to their lineup. They’re still a long ways off from becoming the next PokerStars, but $5+ million in monthly (minimum) payouts is nothing to scoff at. And every site I’ve come across lets you satellite your way in for $1 or less. There’s no reason not to jump into the action.

The bottom line is that you have more and much better options than you did a few years ago. And now you don’t have to worry about software compatibility holding your back.

You’d be crazy not to jump in and take advantage of it.