Linux Poker Sites… Or 4 Ways to Play Poker Online

Are you serious?

You’re trying to find a poker site that has Linux poker games?

You do realize that you’re the minority – that a small percentage of people in the entire world use Linux.

Then factor in that a small percentage of that small percentage of Linux users plays poker.

You should come to the realization that it doesn’t make sense for operators to create or maintain a standalone Linux download.

So, you’re screwed, right?

Well… not exactly. You do have options – just not in the traditional sense i.e. the download.

Let’s look at those options now.

You Have Four Options to Play Poker on a Linux

In no particular order…

WINE – This is an emulator – sort of. The important thing is it lets you run Windows-based programs on your computer.  It’s free to download and use. It’s open sourced, too, so it’s updated often.

Dual Boot – This is the most complicated route. You install two operating systems onto your computer – one being Linux and the other (probably) Windows. When you boot up your computer you can choose which operating system you want to use.

Instant Play – This is the best option here – because it’s the most native. You join a poker site with an instant play option. Then you download a compatible browser – we recommend Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, in that order.

Different Computer / Operating System – Chuck your computer out your window.

Then go to Best Buy to purchase a cheap $500 computer with Windows already installed.

Another option is to buy a used laptop off Craigslist. But, honestly, between the warranty and customer service, I think Best Buy is the way to go.

Push come to shove you can just play from your phone or tablet.

Problem solved.

Finding the Best Linux Poker Site in 2022

Alright, you know how you can play poker on a Linux.

Now let’s find the best poker site.

The best way to do this is to ask yourself a few questions. Your answers will narrow down your options to the top 2-3 rooms. Choose the best one, or sign up to all of them. Your choice.

Here are the questions I suggest you ask.

What games do I want to play?

Most rooms have similar selection. You can play games like tournaments, SNGs and cash games. You can choose from holdem, omaha and stud.

But not every site offers every game type or variation. Not every room has HORSE. Most sites do not offer The Cage.

So if there’s a specific game you want to play, you should use that in your research.

Are you interested in deposit bonuses?

Who doesn’t like free money?

Seriously now, you want to ask this because it won’t always make sense to take the deposit bonus.

  • Maybe you can’t clear the play through requirements.
  • Maybe you don’t have enough money.
  • Maybe you don’t want any restrictions on when or how much you can withdrawal.

And keep in mind that bonuses vary in size, match (percentage), length and so on. These are all things you’ll want to compare if you do want a deposit bonus.

Do you want to play games 24/7?

This is an important question. If you just want to play games when you get home from work (like 5 or 6 pm), then maybe you can disregard it.

But if you want to play poker at 1 pm during the week or 11 am on the weekend, then you have to ask this.

The reason comes down to traffic. How much does the poker site have?

No traffic means no games. It’s the largest downside to being a poker player, let alone an American poker player.

On top of that – you want to be sure there’s traffic to the games you want to play. 1,000 players do no good if they’re all seated at Texas Holdem and you want to play Omaha.

Is this room legit?

I hesitate to mention this for two reasons.

1) The rooms we recommend here are legit. We check them out ourselves.

2) This should be a no brainer. If you’re not scoping out a room before you sign up you deserve to get burnt.

Do you test-drive a car before hand over your credit card? Or do you just choose a car painted in your favorite color and tell the salesman, “I’ll take that one.”

Be sure to read our reviews. Visit forums. Talk to your friends.

Do everything in your power to make sure the site is on the up-and-up before you sign up, let alone give them your credit card number.

Do they have deposit options I can use?

The best way to figure this out is to read our reviews. We cover what deposit methods each room accepts, their fees and time frames.

You can also read our deposit hub. This comprehensive resource will cover each option in-depth and tell you the top sites that accept that method.

But a forewarning: most sites will be the same. They’ll accept the same methods, at least.

Where they’ll differ is in the fees the charge. You’ll definitely want to compare sites there, because that can mean the difference of playing a few extra hands or tournaments…

… and the money you could’ve won playing them.