MasterCard – A Great (and Fast) Way To Make a Poker Deposit

… for everything else there’s….

You can finish the sentence, can’t you. You know who MasterCard is.

I mean, do we really need an introduction here?

You’ve seen them on TV, in windows, your mail, your wallet.

They’re the 2nd most popular bank card in the world. More than 178 million people (1/3 the population) have a branded card in their wallet or purse.

So let’s cut to the chase, huh. Let’s figure out how you can use MasterCard to play poker online in the United States.

MasterCard Poker Sites (For US Players)

All poker sites I’ve come across will accept MasterCard. So you’re not going to run into any problems there.

The one problem you might run into though – having your card declined.

It does happen. You might be shocked, even a tad insulted. But there’s a good reason for it.

It’s called the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. This bill passed in late 2006 during the Bush Administration.

The core bill had nothing to do with poker. But a couple sneaky congressmen managed to add language (the UIGEA) that would make processing transactions to/from poker sites illegal.

Most congressmen claim to have never seen the language prior to it passing.

Anyway – what this law does is prohibit your bank or another 3rd party processor from completing a transaction to or from an offshore poker site. They’re supposed to block it (decline you).

It’s the L.A.W.

The banks don’t always catch it. Some might not even care.

But many do. So don’t be shocked if (most likely when) it happens to you.

It Even Happens In Legal Poker States

Yeah – you have NO reason to feel bad for yourself.

Even players in legal statesNevada, New Jersey and Delaware – have their bank cards declined.

It’s been such a headache that the states (and poker rooms) have had to work with other payment processors like Neteller so players could have another solution for funding their accounts.

So if you’re having troubles the best thing to do is to try your card again. Then try another card. Then buy a prepaid card if that doesn’t work.

And if all those options fail check out our banking page. Learn about another option you can use such as Western Union, Money Gram or maybe a bank wire.

MasterCard FAQs

We get lots of questions about using MasterCard to fund your online poker playing. So we thought we’d answer any questions now that didn’t already get answered above.

How much does MasterCard cost?

It should cost you nothing. The exception is Bovada – they charge a 2-5 percent fee for every credit card deposit.

How do you make a deposit?


  • Go to the cashier.
  • Choose MasterCard.
  • Input your card number, expiration date and 3-digit code (on the back).
  • Enter how much you want to deposit.
  • Click submit.

Can you still get the deposit bonus?

Absolutely. I recommend you check out our reviews to see which bonuses you can get.

Can you make a deposit from your phone or tablet?

At most sites, yes. Some rooms won’t allow you to for security reasons. Our reviews will tell you which is which.

What should I do if my card is declined?

I went over this above. But here are your options:

  • Try your card again.
  • Try a new card.
  • Try a prepaid card.
  • Try a different option – an echeck, wire or transfer.
  • Try again later.
  • Try a new site.

Can I use a prepaid MasterCard?

Maybe. You need to find a prepaid card that is okayed for international purchases. Otherwise the transaction won’t go through.

How fast is MasterCard?

Near-instant. They tell you that there might be a delay, but I’ve never had to wait more than a couple minutes for my funds to hit my account. In most cases it’s there once I click submit.

Is MasterCard the best option?

Next to Visa, yes. It’s the fastest, most convenient, budget friendly option you can use.

Is there a downside to using MasterCard?

Other than dealing with declines, the only thing that comes to mind is that you can’t use them for withdrawals.

Instead you’ll have to request a check, bank wire or money transfer. These are all slower and can cost money – our reviews will tell you how much.